We are creative company

AiStocksHK.com is managed by Active Intelligence Holdings Ltd. Active Intelligence stands for "Active" Management with Artificial "Intelligence". We believe the market is inefficient and active management will generate higher risk adjusted return than index. Using artificial intelligence allows us to quickly identify market mispriced stocks, evaluate the risk and generate long term return without human’s emotional bias.

We embrace in value investing ideology and momentum trading for stock entry and exit. We believe that creating excellent outcome requires ambitious vision, right strategy and persistent disciple. In the business world, the rearview mirror is always clearer than the windshield from Warren Buffett, we believe history in financial market repeats from time to time. By avoiding the major risk or catastrophe, we are already ahead of many.

Our machine learning technology imitates strategy of successful investors by starting to train with classic trading and portfolio management theory loaded with historical track record. It then takes a deep analysis on each stock in the market and select the stocks that fit specific investment goals such as optimization risk and return, risk minimization, etc.Unlike most traditional hedge fund and quant trading models which are set up for a specific and rigid environment, our A.I. engine constantly monitors the environment and adjusts its strategy as needed.

What we do

We help you to achieve long term financial goal with:


Active Intelligence Portfolio

Access to our monthly portfolio stock pick and rebalancing.


Real time siginals

We monitor the news and events of the companies in the portfolio during the month between the rebalancing period and produce signals for trading if there is major event affecting the stock.


Real Time Market Prediction

Active Intelligence Engine constantly studies the world and will signal if it predicts any major move or direction change in the market in the future.